Arctic Spas®

Hot Tub Gazebos

Arctic Spas® hot tub gazebos are made from clear Canadian Western Red Cedar selected for its beauty and longevity. These handcrafted, easy to assemble and durable gazebos will complement not only our world class hot tubs but your entire backyard. We manufacture many different gazebo kits having a variety of roof pitches and screen panel designs and sizes. 

Easy assembly

Sturdy construction

Lasting beauty

Why have a gazebo?

Adding a gazebo allows you to enjoy your hot tub in all weather conditions and provides your spa with enhanced protection from the elements. Fibreglass reinforced privacy screen panels allow humidity to escape, yet block chilling winds. Enamel steel roofs in three colours (forest green, brick red or charcoal grey) shed sun, rain and snow.


Choose your perfect gazebo



This luxurious gazebo is sure to accentuate any spa! The metal roof comes standard in forest green but can be ordered in brick red or charcoal grey. The Habitat features a spring-loaded cedar screened entrance door that automatically closes behind you. The gazebo is encased with fibreglass screens on all sides for maximum privacy and insect protection.

Exterior10’ x 12’ 
Interior9’ 51/4” x 11’ 51/4” 
Roofline11’ 10” x 13’ 41/4”

Hideaway Retreat


The Hideaway Retreat dimensions are the same as those of the Sunshine Retreat but boasts 1 x 4 cedar beneath the steel roof, as well as fiberglass screening on three sides of the gazebo for additional privacy and protection without detracting from the beauty of the outdoors or your spa’s attributes.

Exterior10’ x 10’ 
Interior9’ 51/4” x 9’ 51/4”
Height8’ 81/2" 
Roofline11’ 81/2” x 11’ 81/2”

Habitat Deluxe


All the luxury and style of the Habitat, in a more spacious twelve-foot square footprint. Comes with fiberglass screens on all sides for privacy and insect protection. Available in roof colours of Forest Green, Brick Red, and Charcoal Grey, all in durable enameled steel. Optional lattices are available for additional style and privacy.

Exterior12’ x 12’ 
Interior11’ 51/4” x 11’ 51/4” 
Height13’ 41/4” x 13’ 41/4"
Roofline10’ 1” at peak

Hideaway Retreat Deluxe


This deluxe version of the Retreat series has the same fit-anywhere footprint as the other two, but adds all-round privacy screening and an elegant spring loaded screened entrance door. The privacy and insect protection of the Habitat and Villa series in a more compact gazebo.

Exterior10’ x 10’ 
Interior11′ 8 1/2 ” x 11′ 8 1/2”
Height9' 4"
Roofline11’ 81/2” x 11’ 81/2”

Sunshine Retreat

The Sunshine Retreat is designed for simple elegance. This 10’ x 10’ roofed structure allows you to enjoy your spa experience through most weather conditions.

Exterior10’ x 10’ 
Interior9’ 51/4” x 9’ 51/4”
Height8’ 81/2" 
Roofline11’ 81/2” x 11’ 81/2”



The name says it all! Perfect for entertaining, this Gazebo features two fiberglass privacy screen sides with optional decorative muntin bar inserts available in Tudor Diamond or French style lattice. Roof colours are available in forest green, brick red and charcoal gray to blend in with your current landscaping and meet your preferences.

Exterior9′ 5 1/4” x 9′ 5 1/4”
Interior10′ x 10′
Height11′ 8 1/2” x 11′ 8 1/2”
Roofline8′ 8 1/2” at peak

The Beach House Gazebo

The Beachhouse gazebo was made to house our swim spa, the Arctic Ocean. However, it can be used as a deluxe backyard entertainment enclosure even if you don’t own the Ocean or another brand of swim spa. Available in roof colors of Forest Green, Brick Red, and Charcoal Grey, all in durable enamelled steel.

Exterior23′ 8” x 12′
Interior23’1″ x 11’5″
Height24’2″ x 13’10″
Roofline11’ 4” at peak